About Us

Steve Scott caught the framing bug from his older brother Norman. Norman and Helen Scott opened Cantrell Gallery in Little Rock, AR back in 1970 – a business that is still thriving today with Helen, Cindy, and Clarke.

Steve’s family opened Discount Picture Framing in Lawrenceville GA in 2004. After years of continued success, the company expanded with a second location in 2016. The Atlanta location, Scott and Sons, offered more types of frames and a broader selection of services.

When it came time to relocate the original shop – fondly
known as the yellow building – the time was right to rebrand and embrace being a family owned and operated business. In 2023 Discount Picture Framing moved and re-branded as Scott and Sons, Buford.

Three generations of a family standing in front of their Atlanta location.

Steve and Julie’s sons, Ben and Don, run the shops. Ben manages the Buford location, Don leads sales at the Atlanta location. You can, many days, catch Steve and Julie at one location or the other.

We think of framing as a passion – it feeds the soul. We see new things every day and we join in the moments that matter most to people: it’s rewarding work. We share in the highs, and we try to support when the times are low.

Julie and Steve circa 1981
Julie and Steve circa 1981
Ben, Don, and Steve on a fishing trip in 1995.
Ben, Don, and Steve circa 1995
Steve, Julie, Don, and Ben white water rafting circa 1995
Steve, Julie, Don, and Ben
white water rafting circa 1995
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